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Solar purchase program launches in Cobb County


Property owners in Cobb County now have the opportunity to participate in a bulk solar purchase program known as Solarize Cobb. This recently launched initiative aims to make rooftop solar more affordable by leveraging the collective resources of homeowners, businesses, and nonprofits.

The primary goal of Solarize Cobb is to enable participants to enhance their resilience, reduce energy expenses, and access cost savings on renewable energy systems. This is achieved through volume discounts and the utilization of federal tax credits, making solar energy more financially accessible to a broader range of property owners.

The program has been developed through a collaborative effort by a coalition of organizations in Cobb County. It is being launched in partnership with Solar Crowd-Source, and it offers interested property owners the opportunity to join a collective effort to purchase rooftop solar equipment in bulk, thus increasing the affordability and accessibility of solar energy within the community.

The coalition includes My Green Earth, Georgia Interfaith Power & Light, Environment Georgia, Sierra Club Georgia Chapter, and Solar Crowdsource. “We are thrilled about the impact Solarize Cobb will have on homeowners and businesses as we bring affordable, honest solar solutions and foster a community-wide transition toward clean energy,” Bethany Mashini, the executive director of My Green Earth, said in a news release. 

Creative Solar USA, a Cobb-based company, has been chosen to install the solar panels as part of the Solarize Cobb program. Those interested in participating in the program will receive a complimentary solar evaluation of their property before committing to a contract. The installation of solar panels for all participants is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.
Similar campaigns promoting solar energy adoption have been initiated in various regions of Georgia over recent years. These campaigns aim to assist property owners in reducing their energy costs and taking advantage of tax incentives associated with solar installations.

This program provides an opportunity for property owners in Cobb County to explore the benefits of solar energy and make informed decisions about adopting clean and sustainable energy sources. Property owners interested in learning more or signing up for the program can find additional information on the Solar Crowd-Source website at solarcrowdsource.com/campaign/cobb-county-ga.


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