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Smyrna woman home alone kills intruder


Smyrna Police say that a woman, who was home alone, shot and killed a man in self-defense after he forced his way into her Smyrna apartment Thursday night.

According to police, the shooting took place at the Alder Park Apartments on Cumberland Way just before 8 p.m. Smyrna police said they received a call about a person shot. 

Officers got to the scene and found a man who had been shot. Officers tried to save the man’s life, but he later died after being taken to the hospital.

The incident began when the man went to the woman’s apartment door and began beating on it, police said. 

She “verbally confronted” him, but he would not leave. The intruder then moved to the kitchen window, where he banged on the glass so hard that it shattered. 

The woman kept yelling at him to stop, but he entered the apartment through the window. Police said that is when the woman shot him. 
Police said it appears the two did not know each other and no charges will be filed.  

Police have not released the man’s identity and said they had not yet contacted the next of kin.


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