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Smyrna mayor talks redevelopment during State of the City address


During his State of the City address, Smyrna Mayor Derek Norton provided his annual update on the Jonquil City. Norton touted the downtown redevelopment and South Cobb Drive construction, he singled out Ward 7 and offered other updates during his event at the Smyrna Community Center. 

Hundreds were on hand to hear Norton share information on the successes of the city as he laid out plans for its future. In addition to revamping downtown Smyrna, Norton’s speech focused on efforts by city officials to redevelop the area in their goal to provide a more pedestrian-friendly, interactive green space that connects the Veterans Memorial green, the duck pond, and the open area between the Community Center and Atlanta Road.

Norton praised the work of fellow county leaders on the Council including Ward 3 Councilman Travis Lindley who is chairing the Downtown Redesign Details Task Force charged with planning the changes to downtown.

“They’ve done excellent work,” Norton said. “The new space will have a water feature, shade structures, a plaza, benches, a new stage space in front of the community center … 30-plus new trees and local art.”

Smyrna_SOTC_Audience2_07 27 22.jpg

Other topics Norton spoke about included the new city park that will fill the south side of the open space between the Community Center and Atlanta Road, StillFire Brewing which will open a location on the north side of the space, and the redesign of South Cobb Drive between Concord Road and Windy Hill Drive.

Development in other areas across Smyrna were highlighted as well as the City’s goal to pursue federal funding. “With all the federal and state infrastructure dollars available currently, this is the right time to be focusing on this project,” Norton said as he talked about long term projects such as the South Cobb Drive revamp that has been in the works for nearly two years and is likely to cost roughly $30 million.

Norton stressed the importance of getting additional funding to complement $13.3 million in special sales tax funds budgeted for the project in 2020. 

Said Norton, “I’m proud to report that to date, $120,000 in initial federal funding has been committed, which is a great signal of additional funding in the near future.”


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