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Smyrna man accused of robbing Marietta banks


As he exited a Marietta bank with thousands of dollars in cash in his possession, Marietta Police arrested Smyrna resident John Chavis last week for bank robbery. Chavis, 35, had allegedly robbed the Bank of America at 140 Cherokee Street, in Marietta. Chavis is aso accused by police of robbing the Wells Fargo at 602 Roswell Street, also in Marietta.

Bank employees activated the silent alarm system after Chavis entered the bank and showed a threatening note to a teller demanding $5,000. According to police, “He kept one hand under a towel and motioned as though he was holding a handgun.” After an employee handed over the money, Chavis exited the bank where he was surrounded by several police officers. Chavis was taken into custody without incident. Chavis implied that he had a gun during the robberies but was unarmed when Marietta police searched him prior to his arrest. 

Chavis was also identified as the suspect in an earlier bank robbery at Wells Fargo bank Wednesday morning. Marietta police said that the methods in the robbery were almost identical, except for different clothing. Chavis robbed the Wells Fargo bank of over $1,000.  According to jail records, police booked Chavis into the Cobb County jail where he is being held without bond.

Marietta police thanked bank employees for following their protocol and contacting 911 as soon as they felt safe to do so. The department also commended Cobb County 911 for quickly transmitting information.


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