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Senator files bill to bring Sheriff’s pay in line with other lawmen in Cobb County


Georgia Senator Michael “Doc” Rhett, D-Marietta, has filed legislation to bump up the Cobb County Sheriff’s salary to $220,000 per year, which would bring his pay closer in alignment with his lawmen counterparts in Cobb.

Unlike county employees like the police chief, Owens’ salary as a constitutional officer is dependent on state law. This also applies to judges, clerks of court, and other countywide elected positions.

Owens’ current yearly pay is $170,000. According to the county, Cobb Police Chief Stuart VanHoozer earns a salary of $191,908. Former Public Safety Director Randy Crider (who retired in December) earned $193,250. The person who took his place, interim Director Bill Johnson, earns $190,745.


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