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Second medical cannabis dispensary to open in Cobb County


Georgia-based company Botanical Sciences dispensary is preparing to open its first cannabis dispensary in Cobb County later this month. 

This follows the recent opening of one of Georgia’s first medical cannabis dispensaries near Six Flags White Water in Marietta. 

The new dispensary in Cobb County, operated by Botanical Sciences, is located at 2468 Windy Hill Road in Marietta, close to Wellstar Windy Hill Hospital.

Botanical Sciences prides itself on being “Georgia’s first physician-founded, patient-centered medical cannabis provider.” According to spokesperson Mary Reynolds, the company plans to commence operations at the Cobb County dispensary in late August. 

This is a significant step for Botanical Sciences, as it comes after the successful opening of their first dispensary in Pooler last month. Earlier this year, the company also dedicated a substantial 100,000-square-foot growth and production facility in Glennville.

CEO Gary Long expressed enthusiasm for the launch, recognizing it as a pivotal milestone for the company and the many registered patients eagerly anticipating access to this vital form of medicine. 

Long emphasized their commitment to ensuring that every patient receives a high-quality experience. With carefully designed dispensaries and well-trained consultation teams, Botanical Sciences aims to provide patients with exceptional products, information, and service, ultimately delivering the level of care and support they deserve.

The announcement by Botanical Sciences follows the recent opening of the first medical cannabis dispensary in Cobb County by Florida-based Trulieve in late April. 

In response to Georgia state law, Botanical Sciences confirmed that all its products, including tinctures, capsules, and topical lotions, will contain 5% THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) or less.

Patients who hold a medical cannabis card will have access to cannabis medicine at all Botanical Sciences dispensaries, as well as at authorized Independent Pharmacies across the state. 

For the latest updates on medical cannabis products and availability, as well as information on how to register for a medical cannabis card, individuals can visit the website www.botanicalsciences.com.

For comprehensive details about the laws pertaining to medical cannabis in Georgia, interested parties can refer to the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission, accessible at https://www.gmcc.ga.gov/faqs

This information serves as a valuable resource for understanding the regulations and guidelines surrounding medical cannabis in the state.


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