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Scathing email from Mother blasts Cupid


Failure of Cobb Government to help evicted daughter.

SPOTLIGHT was forwarded a copy of a hot email this week entitled: URGENT…..Unwarranted eviction.

In it, a Cobb County mother held nothing back as she lit into Chair Lisa Cupid and others for their failure to help those impacted by evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, including her daughter and grandchildren, who were being evicted at that moment.

This angry mother joins the chorus of others across the county who are pointing fingers and calling out the failures of Cupid and Cobb government in getting the federal government funds to the people who need it the most. As chair, Cupid is entrusted with ensuring the funds are disbursed. Instead, the funds sit in a bank account, while Cupid waits to hire someone to tell her how to spend it. Some say isn’t this the job she ran for when she ran for Chair of Cobb – being the person who is able to make tough decisions. Spending the funds where they are needed is not a tough decision, but Cupid is paralyzed until she can get someone else to tell her what to do. As the funds sit in an account and Cupid waits for lightening to strike, mothers and children are being turned out by their apartment complexes onto the streets. Here are the frustrated mother’s own words:


 I have just received notice that my daughter has been served with a eviction notice after being approved for assistance. The apartment complex, The Windy Hill stated to her that it is taking to long for the assistance to come. She has provided them with CDC declaration letter and include them in a email for approval of assistance. This issue can not go uncheck. Many families are dealing with the same issues. Cobb County Board of Commissioners you can’t continue to set on your hands and allow for things like this to happen to people out here, you must speak up. This is wrong on so many levels. 40 families were served with an eviction notice today. Families need to be notified of service they may be able to receive. And if they have received services the money need come alot faster, landlords are tired of waiting. School starts around the corner for many kids, including my grand kids!

In addition people who were ask to vacate are being harassed with eviction filings by apartment complexes who also are applying for assistance. People are playing with people living arrangements like it is a joke. This is REAL people’s lives. 

Get off of your hands and help the people who elected you to office. You work for the people and you are not doing the people a favor. You chose to run for your spot on the board and now it is time to do the work for ALL the people of Cobb County. Period!!

**”The Windy Hill 

40 families served with eviction

 **The Legacy at West Cobb

27 plus families ask to vacate

Both are Low Income Tax Credit properties!!!!

In reading this email, we felt the mothers’ pain and frustration in dealing with the uncertainty of a situation that is barreling out of control. No family or children in Cobb County who is suffering from housing insecurities should be facing such a future at this time when we have the funds that can make the difference in their lives.

As SPOTLIGHT shared with you last week, Cobb County has received millions of COVID-19 relief dollars from the Cares Act and the American Rescue Plan Act. On our behalf, the federal government sent Cobb County $132 million last year from the Cares Act. Cobb also received the first half of a $148 million allotment in May ($73.8 million).

Cupid needs to act, and she needs to act now. Some are saying that instead of helping families like this one, Cupid has been helping herself – pointing to her recent move to a new zip code in the Vinings area. They say with the paycheck she is receiving as chair, she can move anywhere in Cobb she likes; however, she does not get to sleep comfortably in her new bed as these people are relegated to the streets.

No more families should be placed on the streets in our community under Cupid’s watch when Cobb County is holding on to millions of dollars that Cupid knows is supposed to be used to help them. If you are like this mother and concerned about what is going on in Cobb County government with federal dollars that are supposed to help families – like this one who are suffering from housing insecurities – contact Chair Cupid and demand that she release the funds that are supposed to help these people. No more excuses Chair Cupid.

Chair Lisa Cupid

(770) 528-3305


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