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Revered and respected, Mike Boyce laid to rest at Arlington National


Judy Boyce was surrounded by loved ones –  children, and grandchildren – along with family and friends, who gathered this week outside the nation’s capital as her husband and former Cobb County Chairman Mike Boyce was laid to rest with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. 

A retired Marine Colonel, Boyce passed away earlier this year while he and Judy were in Indiana attending a yearlong program at his alma mater, the University of Notre Dame. Boyce suffered two strokes and was hospitalized for several days. With Judy by his side, the beloved former chairman passed away on January 25 at the age of 72. 

Before being elected to serve as Chairman of the Cobb County government in 2017, Boyce served his country for three decades in the U.S. Marines. Boyce was loved, respected, and revered by all who had the opportunity to know and work with him in Cobb County because of his respect and reverence for the citizens of the community. 

Known for being fair, and a true servant of the citizens, Boyce treated everyone with respect and dignity as he served in the leadership role for the county. He was often in South Cobb fighting issues that were plaguing families living in apartments with health and safety issues and uncaring absentee landlords as well as feeding families at food banks in Cobb.

Boyce’s commitment to Cobb County residents was unwavering and reflected in the countless town halls and other meetings he held in the community. He was known for being accessible to the people who elected him, meeting people face to face to discuss their concerns, and putting their needs first. During the Cobb memorial services held earlier this year at Mt. Bethel Church, Judy Boyce echoed this sentiment of her husband saying, “He was a man of God who always put other people first.” 

Cobb County government leaders including District 3 Commissioner JoAnn Birrell and County Manager Dr. Jackie McMorris, were among those from Cobb in attendance, along with Michael Murphy, who Boyce often referred to as his ‘brother’. The two Mike’s had a special bond and Murphy served as Boyce’s special assistant during his term as chair. The Cobb contingency traveled to Arlington and was among friends and members of the military joining the family to say farewell to Boyce. The services include a horse-drawn caisson, the ceremonial folding and presentation of the U.S flag to Judy and her family, and a gunfire salute. 

In addition to his wife Judy, Boyce is survived by three children, five grandchildren, and two brothers. 


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