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Requirements of Georgia’s voting law begins


Georgia’s new voting law took effect July 1 and requires new forms of ID for absentee voting, tighter ballot request deadlines, and changes to early voting. If you do not have identification to vote, make it a point to obtain a Real ID today. While two runoffs for House seats are underway in Georgia, the biggest test of this new law will occur in the weeks leading up to the November election where higher-turnout contests will occur. Much of Gov. Kemp’s 98-page voting law went into effect when he signed it in March which restricted ballot drop boxes, banned volunteers from handing out food and drinks to voters, and empowered state officials to take over struggling county election offices. However, election officials were given until July 1 to implement several provisions dealing with absentee and early voting. Click here for FAQ’s on the Real ID and Be Proactive when it comes to your vote!

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