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Raises coming to Powder Springs workforce


To address staffing shortages and the retention and recruiting of new employees, the Powder Springs City Council approved pay increases last week for police officers, public works crew members, and customer service representatives.

In a move to make their wage levels more competitive with surrounding cities, City Manager Pam Conner recommended the pay ranges and said the changes can be supported by the city’s general fund budget this fiscal year and next.

Powder Springs engaged consultants Evergreen Solutions who determined the city’s workers were making about 10% less than the market average.

The pay for sanitation employees, public works drivers and maintenance workers were boosted by 3% by the Council, while they increased the minimum pay for police and utility billing accounts receivable clerks by 5%. While current employees will get a 3-5% pay hike, new hires will come in at the higher offering.

The funds will come from the general fund and will cost the city in the neighborhood of $96,000. In addition, In July a 5% raise was approved as part of the city’s budget cycle. These raises will cost Powder Springs in the neighborhood of $175,000,

In other Powder Springs news, the City Council approved incentive payments of $500 to all 76 city employees who get the COVID-19 vaccine shot by Dec. 15. The incentive is also retroactive to employees who have previously been vaccinated.


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