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New signs at Publix: Do not bring your pets inside


While customers are enjoying shopping at Publix, they may have noticed the recent introduction of new green signs that says: No pets allowed. The prominent green signs, now displayed in all 1,384 Publix stores across the United States (including 214 locations in Georgia), clearly lets shoppers know that Publix grocery stores do not allow your pets inside while shopping.

Publix says that except for registered service animals, the intent behind this move is to remind valued customers that bringing pets into the store is against the law – Emotional support animals are also not permitted. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits non-service animals from entering grocery stores, as indicated on the in-store signs. According to federal law, service animals are limited to dogs or miniature horses that are specially trained to perform tasks for individuals with disabilities. 

Publix emphasizes that individuals who bring non-service animals into their stores will be asked to leave and posted the statement on Publix’s website

Furthermore, they say that service animals exhibiting unruly behavior, posing a threat to health or safety, or lacking proper house training, will be removed from the premises.

It’s been suggested that with concerns about leaving their animals in a hot car, an increasing number of customers may be bringing their pets inside while shopping due to the extreme heat outside.

Although Publix has not explicitly stated the motive behind the introduction of these signs, the grocery store chain reaffirms its dedication to ensuring a secure and enjoyable shopping environment for all customers.


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