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Private luxury terminal opening at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta


A private luxury terminal, PS, is set to open at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on September 6, catering to the needs of the rich and famous. PS, formerly known as The Private Suite, has been operating a VIP terminal at Los Angeles International Airport since 2017, which has been popular among celebrities.

For a fee of $1,095, passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport can access the new PS terminal. Additionally, there is an option for a private suite for up to four people, which includes amenities such as a daybed, shower, spa services, and meals, at a cost of $4,850.

The PS terminal offers “a back door to your commercial aircraft” and “white glove service,” and Atlanta is its second location. 

The terminal, located on the north side of the airfield within Signature Flight Support’s general aviation terminal, has been in development since last year and is now accepting reservations.

Travelers using the PS terminal will have the advantage of going through private Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening, bypassing the security lines at the busy public terminals of Hartsfield-Jackson. They can also enjoy cocktails and snacks and be chauffeured to their aircraft.

Upon arrival, passengers will be picked up on the tarmac and benefit from private U.S. Customs clearance for international trips. The luxury service costs $1,095 per person to use the PS terminal or $4,850 for a private suite accommodating up to four travelers.

Private suites will be equipped with daybeds, private restrooms, showers, spa services, and meal options. Furthermore, PS offers an all-access membership for $4,850, but even with the membership, using the terminal will still incur a fee of $750 per person or $3,550 for a private suite.

Initially planned to open last fall, the Atlanta facility experienced delays due to the approval process for TSA screening. The agreement for the TSA to provide screening at the elite VIP facility was only approved this year, with Signature Flight Support and PS agreeing to reimburse expenses for the TSA security screening program.

PS CEO Amina Porter expressed in a statement that the new terminal will bring the convenience and luxury synonymous with the PS brand to travelers in Atlanta. PS plans to expand to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport next year and Miami International Airport in 2025.


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