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Powder Springs banning pets in parks during special events


The City of Powder Springs announced this week that pets will no longer be allowed in parks during official city events, such as concerts or festivals. The ban went into effect on Saturday and does not impact service animals. Pets will be allowed in the parks during non-event times and does not affect pet-friendly events, such as “Bark in the Park,” or service animals, according to a city news release.

“The decision follows a recent incident involving two dogs where one attacked the other,” the release said. “Also of concern were possible reaction by animals to loud noises such as musical performances, firework displays, or distress caused by large crowds.”

Some residents are not in agreement with the ban and are labeling the decision as ill-advised. They say it forces conscientious pet owners to forego time with their pets in public parks.

Others believe the ban is necessary because there are some places and events where the presence of pets are not appropriate such as at firework shows and other loud events that cause them anxiety.

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