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One candidate left in Mableton City Council District 6 race, contender  withdraws


Early voting for the City of Mableton Mayor and City Council started today with an unexpected surprise for voters after the Cobb County Board of Elections announced that a single candidate is left in the District 6 race. The other candidate who qualified to run, Ricky Dickens, withdrew. Debora Herndon is the sole candidate left standing in the race. Unless there is a write-in candidate that is able to obtain more votes than Herndon, she is presumed to be the winner of that race. 

“Elections Director Janine Eveler said, “It is too late to remove Mr. Dickens from the ballot, but Elections will post notices … letting voters know that any votes cast for Mr. Dickens will not be counted.”

The elections for the new city of Mableton are scheduled for March 21. Early voting began today and runs through March 17. Voters in the new city will elect a mayor and six council members. Candidates must win a majority of the vote, more than 50%, to be elected. Some races with a large number of candidates are predicted to go into a runoff election on April 18. 

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