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NAACP Recognition during Dr. King Celebration


During the Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration, two Cobb Countians were honored with the Cobb NAACP’s Living the Dream Award. 

Michael Murphy, former chief of staff to Cobb Chairman Mike Boyce, was the first recipient and was caught off guard. He was originally asked by the NAACP to record a video on what the award means, to which he said, “(The award) means that you have the opportunity to be in the footsteps of such a wonderful leader. And I’m sure the awardee this year will be no exception.” 

After he ended his dissertation, NAACP President Jeriene Bonner-Grimes presented him with the award, saying, “And it is my honor and my pleasure … to present this capstone award to you, Mr. Murphy, as our Living the Dream recipient for 2022.”  Bonner-Grimes told him, “We are so proud of the work that you have done in our community, and we would like to say thank you for all that you do. And we know Dr. King would be truly proud of the efforts and all that you represent in our community,” she added. 

He was speechless, but only for a moment. When he recovered, he thanked Grimes and said “Not often am I spellbound, and I have to say, Jeriene, this is the most magnificent setup I’ve ever come into. I’m truly indebted to the Cobb County NAACP. This is just a magnificent honor, and I can only tell you that as … my mother used to tell me, you never know what tomorrow may bring. But you always have the opportunity to do what you can for others. I enjoy that, I will continue to do it, and I’m highly inspired to do it with a little more — a lot more pep in my step.”

The second award of the ceremony went to Powder Springs Councilwoman Doris Dawkins, who has been an active member of the South Cobb community. Dawkins was also surprised to receive the ecognition. A jubilant Dawkins’ thanked the organization repeatedly for the honor of the award. 

Bonner-Grimes said the selection of Murphy and Dawkins were “easy decisions ” for the NAACP’s committee, “The committee tries to see who has embodied King’s message of justice for all. Michael Murphy and Doris Dawkins truly have been soldiers in social justice and advocacy for peace … and they’ve both been involved in the advocacy for social change and equality for all,” she said. “They both exemplify in their work, in their effort to better our community, (and) to make a difference.”


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