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Michael Register unanimously confirmed as Cobb Public Safety Director


With a vote of 5-0, Cobb Commissioners formally appointed Michael Register back to his old job as Cobb County Public Safety Director. Register succeeds Randy Crider, who retired from the role in December 2022.

Register is returning to a job and community he knows well. From 2017-2019, Register as Cobb Police Chief and Public Safety Director.

Register served as the director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation since 2022 and left that role to return to his previous position with Cobb. Prior to being tapped to head the GBI, Register served for a short period of time as a deputy to Cobb Sheriff Craig Owens.

Before the commissioners voted, Cupid said that “this is a decision [commissioners] all agreed on.” Many have pointed out the hypocrisy of Cupid as well as the striking difference in her attitude and positions. Cupid appeared to lead the efforts to bring back Register – pointing to his prior knowledge and experiences with Cobb. Juxtaposed to her efforts to block Dr. Jackie McMorris from becoming the first Black woman to serve as Cobb County Manager, Cupid saw no value in knowledge and experience with the County. At the time that McMorris was nominated, Cupid insisted that the county embark on a national search for the new county manager and stood as the sole vote against McMorris. Notwithstanding her no vote from Cupid, McMorris carried the day and the votes. She received full support and votes from the four White Commissioners, including then Chairman Mike Boyce who led the nomination of McMorris. 

Many in the community say they also welcome Register back and are happy for the moment for the community, but cannot ignore the wedge position assumed by Cupid to block McMorris. They point to Cupid’s ego and her inability to allow others to shine, saying  this is what kept her from voting yes for McMorris.

After the vote, Register said, “Thank you for the opportunity to come back. Let’s do our job, let’s make Cobb County a better place for all.” 


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