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Marietta teen attempts to shoot at officers after being accused of shoplifting


A Marietta teenager tried to fire a handgun at officers after being accused of shoplifting in an Austell Walmart. 

According to a warrant for her arrest, 17-year-old Dominique Bergerson was at the Walmart Supercenter on the 1100 block of East-West Connector Road when officers arrived to take her into custody for allegedly shoplifting. 

While handcuffed, Bergerson reached over toward the handgun in her backpack and attempted “to pull the trigger on said handgun to shoot the handgun in a room full of officers,” court records state. 

Bergerson allegedly pulled away from the officer with one handcuff on her arm and kicked the officer after being told to stop resisting. As she was being taken into custody, she allegedly spat on an officer and allegedly ripped wires and camera cables out of the patrol car while in the rear seat.

The teen faces multiple felony counts for aggravated assault with a weapon and a felony for criminal interference with government property, among other charges.


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