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Marietta Middle School teacher builds new home thanks to Habitat Partnership


Methany Thornton, a dedicated teacher at Marietta Middle School, has been handed the keys to her new home, made possible through a collaborative effort with Habitat for Humanity. 

This significant milestone marks the inaugural house constructed as part of Marietta’s Public Service Housing Program, an initiative that unites the city with Habitat for Humanity to build affordable housing for employees. 

Thornton’s inaugural house construction is the first house under the program and represents a significant milestone in Marietta’s initiative to create housing for those they employ.

Members of the Marietta city government and the Marietta school district joined Thornton, who specializes in social-emotional learning, and her family as they gathered on Griggs Street to celebrate the completion of her Habitat for Humanity home. 

Thornton and her husband began their homeownership journey a year ago. Alongside numerous Habitat for Humanity volunteers and fellow Marietta Schools employees, the Thorntons began the construction of their 1,440-square-foot home. Thornton, her husband, Kelcey, and their children and grandchildren, Santana, Kashton, and Khysson Thornton, will be residing in their new home.

During the dedication ceremony, Thornton expressed her gratitude to all and gave a special acknowledgment to Marietta School Superintendent Grant Rivera, who supported her and also participated in the construction. Rivera offered his heartfelt sentiments saying, “The city loves you, and the city loves your family. Your family’s grace throughout this journey, alongside the support of countless individuals, is a testament to the incredible love that our entire city holds for you.”

Felicia Alingu, Director of Community Impact Atlanta for Habitat for Humanity, highlighted the challenges and the rewarding journey that applicants like Ms. Thornton undertake to become homeowners saying, “In some ways, this journey can be even more challenging than traditional home buying, as you have to compete with hundreds of others for limited opportunities.”

Thornton’s husband is disabled, and she is the only breadwinner. She and her family lived in a rental home that was located 35 miles from her job at Marietta Middle School. Now, she is minutes away in a place she can truly call the home she built, with the help and support of others.

A GoFundMe account has been established to assist the Thorntons in getting into the new home. If you want to donate, go to: https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-thorntons-new-home


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