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Marietta man arrested for theft after SWAT situation


In an incident that led to a SWAT situation on August 28, a Marietta man, Jule Ware, was apprehended due to outstanding theft charges. 

Marietta police reported that around 9 a.m., detectives arrived at 1381 Allgood Road to execute the arrest of Ware, 40, who was wanted on warrants for both felony and misdemeanor theft.

Upon their initial arrival, detectives encountered Kirsten Garcia, who informed them that Ware was not present at home. Subsequently, detectives returned later with a search warrant to investigate property that Ware was suspected of stealing, as well as to locate Ware himself. 

During this second visit, Garcia disclosed that Ware was actually hiding within the residence.

Officers and detectives attempted to persuade Ware to exit the residence by calling into it, but Ware did not comply with their instructions. 

Subsequently, the Marietta Police Department’s SWAT team was called to the scene. Fortunately, Ware eventually exited the residence without any further incident.

Ware was booked into the Cobb County jail on charges of theft and obstruction. It was also noted that Ware had multiple warrants from other law enforcement agencies. 

Kirsten Garcia was also arrested for misdemeanor obstruction and was booked into the Cobb County jail as well.


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