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Man escapes Kennestone Hospital after drug arrest


After being arrested on drug charges on Wednesday,  an Austell man, escaped custody early Thursday morning while being treated at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital. 

Ulysses Andre Roberson, 37, was being treated after he was reportedly injured in a shooting Wednesday night.

According to Marietta Police, they received a tip about the shooting, with the tipster saying Roberson was in his vehicle on Cobb Parkway in south Marietta. When officers located Roberson, he reportedly fled on foot and was tracked by an MPD canine into nearby woods. When he was later apprehended and arrested Roberson, police discovered distribution amounts of crack cocaine.

Police took Roberson to Kennestone for treatment of two gunshot wounds. At the hospital, Roberson broke out of the handcuffs restraining him to the hospital bed and left the hospital undetected, police said.

Marietta Police has issued a be-on-the-lookout alert but says there is no immediate cause for concern for the general public. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Roberson is urged to call 911 immediately.


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