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Man accused of exposing himself in Cobb Walmart was arrested 6 times for same crime


Described as a repeat offender, Christopher Stamps, was arrested at a Cobb County Walmart for exposing himself in front of a young girl.

Stamps is now in jail and charged with public indecency, but this is not his first encounter with the law for a similar offense. Stamps was accused of doing the same thing in 2016. Prior arrest warrants reveal that Stamps has been arrested at least six times at other area businesses in Cobb County.

Stamps’ arrest came after a witness, who did not want to be identified, called police after spotting Stamps targeting a young girl while at the Walmart. She said she had to do something after noticing Stamps looking the child up and down with his hands in his pants. The witness said Stamps then pulled his pants down to where she could see his underwear. She walked the child to her mom and told her, ‘Keep your daughter with you, because a gentleman was trying to approach her.’” 

Stamps continued to expose himself in other parts of the store, which prompted the witness to call police and alert the store manager. Said the witness, “He was in the little girl’s department touching himself, and then my husband followed him. He was headed toward the toy department when the managers got him.”

The witness said Walmart officials told her Stamps would be banned from that location. The incident left her disturbed and questioned the broken system that would allow Stamps to be a repeat offender. Said the witness, “I think the gentleman needs some help. Whether it’s drug help or mental help, he needs help.”

Walmart declined a comment citing a review of their security plans as the criminal investigation moves forward.


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