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Major suspended by Marietta Police following investigation into racism


Allegations of “express or implied racism” have led to the suspension and transfer of a Major in the Marietta Police Department. After two Black officers in his command made allegations, Major (Patrick) Bonito, who worked for the Marietta Police Department for the past 27 years, was suspended and transferred following an internal investigation.

Posted on Friday on the police department’s Facebook page,  Marietta Police Chief Marty Ferrell said, “Based on the facts and totality of the investigation, I have transferred Major (Patrick) Bonito to a different shift, removed him from leadership of multiple special units, and suspended him for (40) hours without pay. He will also be required to attend multiple training classes related to the findings of the internal affairs investigation.”

Following the complaint, Ferrell references having conducted a thorough investigation and found no evidence of any inappropriate actions or comments from Bonito toward any employee. The chief went on to say there are limits to what parts of the investigation can be made public. Ferrell wrote, “Major Bonito admitted to stating an inappropriate derogatory racial term, in general, not directed toward any employee, roughly ten years ago. He also admitted to talking about that incident, and his regret for it to coworkers roughly five years ago. 

Ferrell stated that the Marietta Police Department takes allegations like this “very seriously” and appreciates the officers who brought forward their concerns.

Ferrell said, “Racism will not be tolerated under my command.”


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