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Mableton Mayoral Candidate Michael Owens endorsed by former mayoral candidates


Candidate Michael Owens, who is in a runoff to become the first Mayor of the new city of Mableton, received two major endorsements this week. Latonia Long and Michael Murphy, former candidates in the race for Mayor, threw their strong support behind Owens and are urging their supporters and fellow citizens of Mableton to come back out and cast their votes for Owens during the runoff.

Said Long in her endorsement of Owens, “I ran for mayor because I saw the power and potential in our new city if we worked together as one. I endorse Michael Owens because he shares that value and wants to keep Mableton together. This election will very likely define our future. I choose unity over division and I ask you to join me in supporting Michael Owens for Mayor.”

Said Murphy in his endorsement of Owens, “Although I was not successful in making the upcoming run off election, I do want to express my complete and fervent support for the Michael Owens for Mayor. It is critically important that eligible voters come out and show out for the runoff election on April 18th. It is especially important that we come out, and vote for Michael Owens, and support his quest to be the Mayor of Mableton. Michael is the best candidate to ensure our city’s success and provide the leadership necessary for our city to reach its full potential and be the jewel of the western gateway.”On his endorsements from Long and Murphy, Owens said, “I am deeply humbled and proud to receive the endorsements of both Latonia and Michael as I seek the office of Mayor for the new city of Mableton. I consider both of them as friends and am happy that they recognize the work that I have been doing in our community as an advocate for South Cobb. As Mableton Mayor, I will have a singular goal – making Mableton the best city in Georgia to live, work, play, or visit. I pledge to work efficiently, strategically, and harmoniously with members of the City Council to meet that objective as we make decisions to move the needle on issues to get our new city up and running. There are so many examples of strong leadership in Cobb cities, and I look forward to working hard to add Mableton to that grand list and make you proud. I gladly accept Latonia and Michael’s endorsement and their support as we move towards achieving success on Runoff Election Day and beyond.”

With their endorsements, Murphy and Long join former Gov. Roy Barnes who endorsed Owens last month.

Early voting for Mayor and District 2, 3, 4, and 5 City Council races begins April 10th and ends April 14th. Voters can cast early ballots at the Mable House Arts Center or the Lions Club Community Center in South Cobb.

 To learn more about Michael’s campaign, visit his website here.


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