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Mableton Mayor Owens gathers safety officials, vows to improve security near Six Flags for park goers and area residents


Mableton Mayor Michael Owens took a firm stand against violence in Mableton by convening a meeting with Cobb County public safety officials and other community stakeholders to address safety concerns in the South Cobb area following incidents of fighting and gunfire during the opening day at Six Flags Over Georgia.

After the meeting, Mayor Owens held a press conference where he expressed his unwavering commitment to enhancing safety and security in the area, not only for the park but for all the residents that live in the area and workers in the vicinity. State Rep. Terry Cummings, Cobb County Police Chief Stuart VanHoozer, Sheriff Craig Owens, and Public Safety Director Mike Register, as well as the President of Six Flags, were among the participants in the meeting and the subsequent press conference.

While specific details were not disclosed, Mayor Owens and the public safety officials confirmed that they discussed specific measures to address safety concerns. They acknowledged the area’s history of crime and emphasized the importance of collaboration with Six Flags in implementing enhanced security measures. They also said Opening Day and Fright Night are the two most problematic events at the park where safety concerns are heightened. This underscores the urgency for proactive measures to ensure the safety of park visitors and the surrounding community, especially considering this is the second consecutive year of violence reported at Six Flags on its opening day. 

The recent incident at Six Flags involved a 15-year-old boy who was critically injured after an exchange of gunfire with Cobb County police outside the park. He is currently in custody, facing charges. Police reported that the altercation stemmed from an “unruly crowd” of approximately 500 people causing disturbances and engaging in fights within the park, ultimately spilling outside where the shooting occurred.

Register stressed the significance of a unified and collaborative response to such incidents, highlighting ongoing efforts to refine response protocols for various scenarios. Register stated, “Having a unified and cohesive collaborative response is really what saves lives, what keeps the community safe. It is always a work in progress.”


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