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Mableton government celebrates first 30 days of moving new city forward, shares learnings from GMA


During the recent meeting of the Mableton city government, the Mayor and Council had a productive meeting as they discussed and agreed on a number of issues to move the new city forward. 

Members of Mableton’s government who attended the Georgia Municipal Association Annual Meeting returned with a greater understanding of what is needed to move Mableton forward and build a great city of the citizens after obtaining training and meeting many of the people who perform similar jobs in cities across the state of Georgia. 

Establishing infrastructure protocols is a prime objective for the new city and Mayor Owens shared with those in attendance that Mabeton has now established a bank account, is able to begin accepting franchise fees, and is working on setting up Mableton’s website, which has been a topic of inquiry by many citizens who desire increased communications from the new government. 

Mayor Owens and Council members Ron Davis, Keisha Jeffcoat, and TJ Ferguson recently embarked on a journey of growth and progress for Mableton citizens as they attended the recent Georgia Municipal Association meeting in Savannah. During the council meeting, the four shared some of their experiences and agreed that the pivotal role played by the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) cannot be overstated.

They talked about the welcoming they received from leaders of other cities including Mayors, City Council officials, and city administrators. District 1 Councilman Ron Davis said the experience at GMA was “awesome and exceeded his expectations. To have been given the opportunity to learn as well as to meet so many experienced elected officials and other city leaders in one space was invaluable.”  

In discussing his experiences at GMA, Deputy Mayor and District 5 Councilman TJ Ferguson said, “This conference was everything the city needed and more. Each of us who attended GMA did a divide and conquer strategy for the sessions. We were welcomed with open arms as the news city in Georgia. Other cities offered Mableton support and deep conversations were had with over a dozen other city leaders.The sessions I attended gave me a fresh insight into the importance of each of our 4 charter duties as well as pitfalls we should avoid as we move forward.” He went on to say, “We made allies this weekend”.

Councilwoman Keisha Jeffcoat echoed many of the same sentiments expressed by fellow council members Davis and Ferguson regarding her attendance at GMA and the importance of the education and training she obtained while there on behalf of the citizens of Mableton.

Mayor Owens underscored the importance of being involved with GMA, emphasizing the invaluable learning experience, policy access, and networking opportunities provided by the association during their annual convention. 

Owens described how the gathering served as a knowledge hub for mayors and city council members from across Georgia as it offered an extensive range of training programs tailored to address the unique challenges faced by municipal leaders. Owens went on to say that the convention provided him with a solid platform to exchange ideas, collaborate on solutions, and glean insights from seasoned mayors across the state. 

Owens said, “The annual GMA convention was truly transformative for me. The training sessions were comprehensive and enlightening, equipping me with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively lead our new city. Additionally, the opportunity to network with other mayors and learn from their experiences was incredibly valuable. By embracing the GMA’s offerings, municipal leaders are able to leverage the power of collective wisdom, driving innovation, and fostering collaboration to unlock their city’s full potential.”

Mayor Owens referenced GMA’s consistent commitment to supporting Mableton’s journey as a newly established city. “The association has been instrumental in providing guidance and assistance to me and the City Council and providing access to resources and information”, said Owens. “GMA’s extensive resources and expertise have already proven helpful in Mableton’s first thirty days of operation.”


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