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Mableton District 1 Councilman-Elect Ron Davis endorses Monica DeLancy for District 2 City Council


Mableton City Councilman Elect for District 1, Ron Davis, has endorsed fellow city council candidate Monica DeLancy in the runoff election for District 2. 

Davis says he is humbled and offered thanks to the community for placing their trust in him as their councilman. He asked the community to place the same trust in Monica because he has known her and seen firsthand the good work she has done within the community to make a positive difference.

Davis described Monica as someone who has been down in the weeds working for the community. He said he knows this because he has been down in the weeds working in the community right alongside her. Both have been involved with the Austell Community Task Force and other organizations and have seen incremental change occur. Davis said the area needs more and he looks forward to working with Monica to bring positive changes the community needs.

Davis also urged citizens to return to the polls to elect DeLancy and others so that they can work together on behalf of the citizens to make a positive difference in the community as Mableton’s first elected government.

As councilman elect, Davis’ election has been decided, but he is not resting on his laurels. Davis says he is committed to getting people back out to the polls to vote during the runoff election and will be working with other groups to achieve that goal. 


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