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Low-income seniors in Atlanta can stay in their homes thanks to $2.75  million gift from Tyler Perry


Concerned about the plight of seniors as real estate taxes continue to rise, Moguel Tyler Perry donated to ensure they can stay in their homes in the city of Atlanta. Perry contacted Atlanta Mayor Andrew Dickens with his offer to assist senior residents on fixed incomes who could lose their homes if they couldn’t pay their taxes.

Perry will pay the back property taxes for approximately 300 low-income seniors in Atlanta which will cover city, county and school taxes. Over the next 20 years, Perry will also cover any increase in taxes for 100 low-income seniors.

The funds to assist the seniors will be administered by Invest Atlanta Partnership, the nonprofit wing of Atlanta’s economic development authority. Perry has already donated $750,000 for the first year and has pledged $500,000 each year over the next four years to ensure the seniors don’t pay any more in such taxes.

Perry’s acts of kindness and generosity are well known in the Atlanta metro area.

Mayor Dickens released a statement thanking Perry for generosity saying, “Atlanta’s growth and prosperity should not come at the expense of our legacy residents — many of whom have been priced out of their homes in previous years. Tyler Perry has been engaged in our ongoing conversations around legacy resident retention, and he told me he wanted to do something to support these efforts. Thanks to his generosity, more Atlantans will be able to remain in the communities they built.”

This week, it was announced that Perry is ranked third among the world’s top 10 highest paid entertainers by Forbes


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