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Cobb County school district opens registration for K-1


The Cobb County School district’s portal is now open for parents to start the registration process for children who will start kindergarten when the 2021-22 school year begins August 2. Parents of first-grade students are also required to register their students at this time.

Parents may register their students by going to: https://parentportal.cobbk12.org/OnlineReg/Login/PreLogin.aspx

If you have a student in the school system, you will be asked to login to ParentVue. If you do not have a child enrolled in the Cobb school district, you will be asked to use the link for online registration login. Parents must provide the district with four pieces of information to register their children:

  1. Proof that their home address is in the school district,
  2. Certificate of immunization form,
  3. Proof of the incoming student’s date of birth, and
  4. A Social Security card.

For more information, contact Cobb County Schools.

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