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Kennesaw man accused of installing cameras in his rental property bedrooms


A Kennesaw man, William Randall Bryan, was arrested after being accused of conspiring with another, Paula Sponsel, to install cameras in the bedrooms of a rental property.

According to an arrest warrant by the Cobb County Police Department, Bryan, 61, is accused of conspiring with Sponsel to commit the crime of eavesdropping surveillance by installing cameras in the bedrooms of his rental property at 3316 Damon Way in Kennesaw between Jan. 3 and Jan. 4. 

Police also alleged that Bryan directed Sponsel to delete data from her phone that he knew to be evidence. 
Bryan is also accused of destroying his own cell phone to prevent police officers from conducting their investigation.

Randall is charged with tampering with evidence and conspiracy to commit a felony. According to jail records, Randall was arrested Aug. 14 and booked into the Cobb County Adult Detention Center. He was released on a $7,500 bond.


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