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Jovita Moore doing well, off to rehab


Atlanta’s Sweetheart, TV news anchor Jovita Moore, underwent surgery last week to remove tumors found on her brain after an MRI. Jovita came out of surgery well and is on the road to recovery.

Her station, WSB-TV, provided a positive update on Jovita and said she will be moving to a rehab facility soon to begin the next phase of her recovery, which will last 8-10 weeks. They told us that Jovita had received over 23,000 messages and well wishes on her page from fans and supporters. The SPOTLIGHT family and our readers join this group of supporters in praying for Jovita each day and wishing her a speedy recovery.

If you would like to share well wishes with Jovita, please visit this page. If you are interested in supporting her, she asks that you donate to one of the following organizations:

The station said cards and flowers for Jovita may be sent to WSB-TV (1601 W. Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, Ga. 30309).


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