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Ground zero for election errors, incorrect voter cards sent to Cobb voters, mainly in Mableton


Cobb County continues to be ground zero for election errors as it was recently announced that voters, particularly those residing in the new city of Mableton, were sent incorrect information from the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office regarding their precincts and districts. This state agency is responsible for overseeing voting in Georgia and is ran by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The Cobb Elections Office says it is actively working to address this issue and has commenced the notification process for affected voters. Tate Fall, the Cobb County Elections Director, clarified that the flawed white cards were sent out in waves over the past two weeks, predominantly targeting voters in and around the city of Mableton.

To remedy these inaccuracies, Cobb Elections has dispatched yellow voter cards to those in the affected areas. In contrast to the inaccurate cards, these corrected cards focus solely on providing information about the polling place, indicating whether there is a temporary or permanent change. Fall assured that the corrected cards are being sent out this week and should reach voters promptly.

Fall also pointed out that the My Voter Page on the secretary of state’s website enables voters to confirm their accurate polling location. However, she underscored that the page currently lacks up-to-date information on voters’ districts due to restrictions during an active election. For the ongoing presidential preference primary, Fall clarified that districts are not relevant.

During the active election period, voters seeking district information are encouraged to contact the elections office via phone or email. Fall plans to add a link to the Cobb elections website for district checks once the primary concludes. However, she explained that implementing this now could potentially disrupt ballot distribution with new combinations, posing challenges during an active election.

Fall noted that there is no specific deadline for the district information update, but after March 12, the elections office intends to publish the information. Given substantial changes in the home rule map, the update process necessitates extensive work by the team.

For additional details, please visit CobbCounty.org/elections.

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