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GBI Promotes Powder Springs Resident


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced this week that Powder Springs resident Emily Bagwell was promoted to the position of technical leader of the firearms section of the GBI headquarters’ crime lab.

Bagwell’s career with the GBI began in 2015, the same year she received her Master’s Degree in forensic science from Stevenson University. Her first role was that of a firearms scientist where she was tasked with supporting the law enforcement community in both the investigation and trial-preparation stages of criminal cases involving a firearm or other tool. With her training, Bagwell can determine the type of firearm that a bullet or cartridge case was fired from, whether a bullet or cartridge was or was not fired from a specific firearm, the distance between the muzzle of the firearm to the target at the time the firearm was fired, and many other crucial pieces of evidence for criminal cases.

In addition to her Masters Degree, Bagwell has a B.S. degree in Biology from Kennesaw State University and an Associate’s Degree in Science from Young Harris.

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