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Former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes Endorses Michael Owens for Mayor of New City of Mableton


Mableton native and former Governor Roy Barnes weighs in on the Cobb County Special Election by Endorsing Michael Owens for Mayor of Mableton.

Michael Owens, candidate for Mayor of Mableton has received the endorsement and support of former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes ahead of the March 21st election to determine who will lead Georgia’s newest city.   

“I’m thrilled to receive the endorsement of Governor Barnes because I share his belief in this city and the commitment to building a better Mableton for everyone,” said Owens.

“My late father owned a business on Old Floyd Road, my mother who still lives in Mableton, is a retired nurse from Wellstar Cobb Hospital and my kids go to school here. I’ve been committed to this community for a long time, not as long as Governor Barnes, but for a long time. The endorsement of the former Governor, an attorney, who owns the Barnes Law Group in Marietta is also notable because he was born and raised in Mableton and still frequents the city often.  

“Michael has been a long-time community leader and a strong advocate for the people,” said Roy Barnes, who served as the 80th Governor of Georgia from 1999 to 2003.  “Michael was the Chairman of the Democratic Party in Cobb County for several years and I got to know him there. I know what a fine leader and person he is and I know what a fine mayor he will be. I ask you to carefully consider the qualifications of all of the candidates in the upcoming election and when you do so, you’ll find that Michael Owens is by far the most qualified and best prepared.” 

Owens continued, “I don’t know anyone who knows Mableton, its history, and its people better than Governor Barnes, and having his support means a lot not only in this campaign but hopefully after we win. It is imperative that we elect the right people and that starts with electing a mayor that’s ready to lead on day one. I’m thankful that he trusts me to do that.”  Barnes cemented his support for Owens by saying, “I’m for him and I hope that you’ll be for him too.”

The former Governor is one of the most powerful and influential political figures in the state.  As the last Democratic Governor in Georgia, his endorsement will certainly propel Owens even further into the lead, as it opens the door for further fundraising and voter attention during the last few weeks of the campaign. Michael Owens is the only candidate running for mayor or city council who has received the former Governor’s endorsement.


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