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Courtney Knight replaces former Development Authority member in Cobb County


Former Development Authority member Kevin Nicholas has been unceremoniously shown the door by Cobb Chair Lisa Cupid after serving a four-year term on that board.

After having lunch with the Chair, where she spoke about the quality of his service as a member of this key Cobb board, the tech executive thought he would be reappointed, but soon found out that he was out.

After his meeting with the Chair, Nicholas learned that Cupid nominated Courtney Knight, of Capstone Capital Advisors LLC and Capstone Municipal Advisors LLC to take his place.

Nicholas said he was surprised by the move after he and the chair met in March about his reappointment and she complimented him on his service. Some suspect that the Chair did to Nicholas what she has done to others in the past, leave them believing one thing when she does the complete opposite.

Nicholas told the MDJ that he thought he might get reappointed based on his track record. As a member of the development authority, he voted down tax incentives for redevelopment projects, including the Kroger at the MarketPlace Terrell Mill and a proposed hotel near the Cobb Energy Center, saying they would set a bad precedent. At the time he said about his vote, “They need to be for companies that are bringing high-quality jobs and not primarily service-industry jobs.”

About his departure, Nicholas told the MDJ,“I was very appreciative and honored to serve the community on the development authority for the past four years and … we developed some critical thinking around these projects.”

As Courtney Knight settles into his newly appointed role on the Development Authority, many in the community are asking who is Courtney Knight and what kind of work does his company, Capstone Capital Advisors LLC and Capstone Municipal Advisors LLC perform. A look at his LinkedIn page says Knight, a Harvard graduate with an MBA from Stanford, founded what sounds like money investment companies a year ago. In addition, Knight says he is a project manager with XpresCheck, a company that performs COVID-19 airport testing and chairs the Atlanta Chapter of the Harvard Black Alumni Club.

In the meantime, Nicholas takes on a new role as vice chair of the Cobb Republican Party.



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