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Former Cobb corrections officer indicted on three counts including cruelty to children and violating oath


A Cobb grand jury has indicted former juvenile corrections officer, Trevor Adrian Coker, for allegedly allowing fighting among children at the Marietta Regional Youth Detention Center.

The charges stem from a May 2018 incident in which Crocker allegedly allowed three children, under 18 years old, at the Marietta Regional Youth Detention Center to fight. Per the warrant, the fight led to “one youth obtaining injuries to his face and head area, which resulted in a tooth being knocked out.”

Coker, of Honey Grove, Texas, was formally charged last Thursday for the incident that occurred when he was employed as a corrections officer with Georgia’s Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), which operates the facility on County Services Parkway. After coming under investigation by the DJJ, Coker resigned from his post. 

Coker is charged with three felony counts that include cruelty to children in the first degree and one count of violation of oath by a public officer. He was initially arrested in March of 2019 and released on a $10,000 bond per court records. DJJ has declined to comment on the case.

Cobb Superior Court Judge Kellie Hill has been assigned the case which will be prosecuted by Cobb Assistant District Attorney Patricia Hull.


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