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Former Cobb Chairman Mike Boyce hospitalized


After suffering two strokes, Mike Boyce, the former chairman of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, has been hospitalized in Indiana. Boyce and wife Judy are in Indiana as fellows in the Inspired Leadership Initiative at Boyce’s alma mater, the University of Notre Dame. 

Boyce was in a class session when he became ill Saturday and was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital in adjacent Mishawaka. He thought he was experiencing vertigo, but CT scans and an MRI later confirmed that he had suffered two strokes. Wife Judy and his daughter are keeping a vigil, though visits are limited due to COVID protocols. Boyce had surgery on Tuesday to reduce brain swelling. Judy shared the good news that Mike is showing progress and responding to her voice.  

In August 2021, Mike and Judy began a fellowship at Notre Dame, which runs through May of this year. Prior to his departure for Indiana, Boyce told the MDJ, “It’ll be just like going to school for a year.” adding he and Judy would be auditing courses as well as mentoring students.

To keep friends and family updated, a Caring Bridge website was created and can be accessed at:  https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mikeboyce

The latest update from the site is dated January 21, 2022, and says: 

Today it has been a week since Mike had his first stroke.  He is only allowed visitors, 2 a day, and the same 2 for each day during visiting hours which are only about 3 hrs.  Your prayers, love and concern are a comfort to his family, thank you!!  All of Mike’s children are in South Bend and have visited with him this week, as well as Judy.  They are all talking to him and he is showing signs of recognition by occasionally movement of his feet and legs.  The Dr’s love the fact that they are talking with him and playing his playlist from the iPod for the time they are there.  This is still a waiting game and as planned he will be monitored for the next several days.  Psalms 62:8  Trust in Him at all times people, pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge…”

Keep Praying

Please join our SPOTLIGHT Family in praying for Mike’s full recovery as we send well wishes to his wife Judy and their children.


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