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Former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill files appeal after being sentenced to prison for civil rights violations


Former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill has filed an appeal of his conviction on federal civil rights violation charges after a judge sentenced him to 18 months in federal prison. 

This follows a jury finding Hill guilty on six counts back in October 2022 after the government said Hill disregarded the detainees’ constitutional rights by putting them in restraint chairs for hours as punishment and for his personal pleasure.

Hill’s attorney Drew Findling maintained that the former sheriff is innocent and filed the paperwork Friday with the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

“You can rest assured that this case on behalf of Victor Hill will be appealed and I can imagine and we collectively can imagine that like in other cases…the case will be reversed,” said Findling.

The convicted former sheriff showed no emotion as Judge Eleanor Ross told him his sentence for violating the civil rights of pretrial detainees at the jail.

Prosecutors had asked for a 46-month sentence. Detractors said 18 months wasn’t enough, while supporters had hoped that there would be no incarceration. 

In addition to his time in jail, Hill must serve six years on supervised release when he gets out and he cannot work in law enforcement or be a paid consultant while on probation.


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