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Football scrimmage at McEachern High School disrupted by students 


A Friday night football scrimmage at McEachern High School was disturbed when a group of students deliberately simulated a panicked crowd response, leading to the cancellation of the game and the closure of the campus. 

According to John Floresta, the chief strategy and accountability officer for the Cobb School District, these students had engaged in similar behavior during the same scrimmage the previous year.

It’s important to note that there were no actual shots fired at any time during the incident, as confirmed by the police. In collaboration with Cobb County Police, the entire campus was thoroughly cleared and found to be safe.

Floresta characterized this incident as a modern-day version of the “pull-the-fire-alarm” prank, intentionally designed to create panic and disrupt both the game and the crowd. 

He stressed that such behavior is not limited to football games and that these disruptive actions could occur in other places, such as the cafeteria.

The ongoing investigation has revealed that there was no genuine threat posed by the students’ actions. However, identifying the responsible individuals will depend on video evidence and witness testimonies obtained during the investigation.

Floresta underscored the severity of the consequences for those found responsible. Even if the perpetrators are juveniles, they could face charges of terroristic threats, leading to serious repercussions depending on their age and the circumstances surrounding the incident. 

He emphasized that this is a significant crime and the authorities, including not only the local police department but also the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), take such matters seriously.

The school district actively educates its students about the gravity of such actions, and the public is urged to recognize the seriousness of the offense as well. The collaboration between law enforcement agencies highlights the commitment to address and prevent these disruptive and potentially dangerous incidents.


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