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First case of Monkeypox suspected in Georgia


Last week, the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPS) announced the state’s first suspected case of the monkeypox virus. The health agency said a man who lives in metro Atlanta, with a history of international travel, has shown symptoms, however, more testing is needed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to confirm the case. The man tested positive for orthopoxvirus — part of a family of viruses monkeypox belongs to. Further testing is expected to confirm he has monkeypox

According to DPH, the man is being monitored. He was ordered into isolation, but the length of time he must isolate depends on when his symptoms clear up. Meanwhile, the agency is conducting contact tracing to find people with whom he may have recently had contact. 

The CDC is currently tracking 18 confirmed cases of monkeypox or the related “orthopoxvirus” in the U.S., including Georgia’s case. 

The CDC says the risk to the general public is low but people should avoid close contact with anyone suspected of having the virus and should seek medical care immediately if they develop new, unexplained skin rash or lesions on any part of the body, with or without fever and chills.

In July 2021, Georgia monitored more than 40 people for suspected cases of monkeypox, but ultimately, none tested positive.


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