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Exotic clothing store in Austell cited for operating without a license


A newly opened exotic dancewear store in Austell is getting a chilly response from neighbors, while receiving an unfriendly visit from Cobb Code Enforcement after members of the community complained to the County. Operating under the name Black Candy, the store was cited for not having a business license, however, members of the community are concerned about the operations which is near apartments and across the street from a daycare. Black Candy specializes in racy attire, selling an assortment of customized thongs, bikinis, stilettos and lingerie but some wonder if it is the precursor for unwanted and unwelcomed activity in the community as it illegally set up shop and become the newest tenant in the Flags Village Shopping Center in unincorporated Austell, 366 Riverside Parkway.

Said Monica Delancy, community advocate and founder of community organization, “It sits just across the road from the Premier Preschool and Childcare.” When the business opened, a banner hung outside advertising “Erotic Dancewear”, which quickly gave Delancy and others in the community the impression that the operation was more than dancewear. “Somebody’s got to say something because of the kids around here,” DeLancy said. She used social media to spread the word, along with a photo of the business’ racy banner, noting that it sat next to a day care. Several hundred people responded and contacted the Cobb County.

Black Candy was cited this week for operating without a business license and storing alcoholic beverages on unlicensed premises. This is Cobb County code enforcement’s second visit to the business. The first visit occurred on June 1. During that initial visit, inspectors gave the store 10 days to obtain its business license. After the time expired and the shop failed to obtain the required license, Code Enforcement and the Fire Marshal conducted a sweep of the businesses, where it discovered the alcohol.

A court date for the code violation is scheduled for July 29.

Other communities in Cobb County have had issues with erotic clothing stores in the past. Both Marietta and Cobb County revoked the business licenses for two Tokyo Valentino’s locations last year which operate as a “sex shop”, citing too much sexually oriented merchandise on its shelves. Both locations continue to operate while litigation plays out in court after owners appealed.


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