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‘Execution-style’ murderer receives life after pleading guilty


Cobb District Attorney Flynn Broady announced last week that Corey Nelson pled guilty to the execution-style murder of of 22-year-old Khristopher Dixon. Cobb County Chief Superior Court Judge Robert Leonard sentenced Nelson to life in prison as part of his plea deal for killing Dixon at his Austell apartment in 2017. 

On the morning of Oct. 14, 2017, Police say Nelson, 24, drove to Dixon’s home armed with a .380-caliber handgun. The men were allegedly friends and Dixon was unaware of Nelson’s intention.  After being let into the apartment by Dixon, Nelson shot the victim in the back of the head with a .380-caliber handgun as they went upstairs. After the shooting, Nelson initially went downstairs to leave, but came back up to fire additional rounds into Dixon’s body. Eyewitnesses told Police that they did not hear any dispute preceding the murder.  Roommates of Dixon who were home at the time told police they didn’t hear any arguing before the shots were fired.  They said Nelson returned to his SUV after killing Dixon and sped away.

Instagram messages he sent to Dixon moments before the murder assisted Police in identifying Nelson. A search warrant was executed at Nelson’s home where police found the murder weapon along with a photo of Dixon’s body on Nelson’s phone. Senior Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Green said in a news release, “This was, by all definitions, a senseless killing. Khris Dixon was a good kid with a promising future ahead. He was extremely motivated and artistic, working hard to make his family proud.” While investigating the crime, Detectives were unable to determine a motive for the killing.

Nelson is serving his time at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison in Butts County.


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