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Emory Smyrna Hospital to Close in December


As hospitals across the metro area close their doors to the community, Emory Smyrna Hospital has announced its permanent closure scheduled for December 29. The hospital, located on Cobb Parkway near Rhyne Park, has provided limited services to the community since October 2015, through outpatient imaging mainly provided by a part-time staff. Imaging services will end in September, followed by the cessation of patient beds.

In a statement, Emory emphasized their commitment to ensuring smooth transitions for both patients and employees to other Emory Healthcare facilities.

The decision to close the hospital was influenced by challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Emory officials. Patients who have used walk-in care or radiology services at Emory Smyrna can access their medical records by calling 855-781-0580.

Emory Healthcare is currently exploring future options for the Smyrna hospital campus but has not made any decisions yet.


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