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Delta raising checked bags fee 


Delta Air Lines has joined other airlines in increasing checked bag fees by $5. Effective for tickets purchased from March 5 onwards, Delta’s fee for a first checked bag will rise to $35 from the previous $30, while the fee for a second checked bag will increase to $45 from $40. This marks the first time Delta has raised its checked bag fees for U.S. domestic flights since 2018. 

These higher fees apply to Delta passengers on U.S. domestic flights and many flights to the Caribbean and Central America.

Delta’s decision follows similar moves by other major airlines like United, American, and JetBlue, which have also increased their checked bag fees in recent weeks. The rates, policies, and exceptions vary among these carriers. The airline stated that the fee adjustment is necessary to keep pace with the rising costs in the industry.

Not all Delta passengers are subject to checked bag fees as the airline provides a checked bag fee waiver for individuals with specific SkyMiles American Express cards, elite-level SkyMiles members, or those flying in first class, Delta One business class, or Premium Select class.

Airlines have seen significant revenue from baggage fees, with the industry collectively collecting over $5 billion in baggage fees in the first nine months of 2023. American, United, and Delta were among the top earners in this category during that period. 

  • American collected more than $1 billion in checked baggage fees
  • United brought in more than $921 million in checked baggage fees 
  • Delta reported more than $738 million in checked baggage fees

Low-cost carriers like Spirit and Frontier generate substantial revenue from both checked and carry-on baggage fees that they impose on their customers.


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