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De-annexers continue efforts to undercut new city of Mableton, but do not want a SPOTLIGHT on their harmful actions


Following the runoff elections for the new governmental officers of Mableton, citizens have attempted to settle back into the comforts of their normal life, beyond campaign signs and unyielding robocalls, but their comfort may be short lived as a campaign specter lingers and is ready to strike.

Instead of settling in, citizens should prepare themselves for the dust storm coming down the road courtesy of the Monsters of Mableton, AKA, the de-annexers. No, they are not actual monsters that you see on TV, but their actions are scary enough and have been no less hurtful to many who thought a loss at the ballot box for them would end their anti-city campaign, but it has not.

De-annexers remain angry and enraged about Mableton becoming a city and them being forced to be in it. They are even more furious about not getting all of their favorite candidates elected, especially their candidate for mayor. Allegedly, they are planning to do something about it by launching their ‘nuclear option’ to destroy Mableton and destroy the short careers of two of their own that won election to City Council.

News tips to SPOTLIGHT says the De-annexers have raised almost $10,000 dollars to unleash a lawsuit against Mableton which is in essence a lawsuit against the unsuspecting citizens of Mableton. No, the lawsuit they are plotting will not be against any one citizen, but has the capacity to impact all citizens of Mableton, as well as our pocketbooks. We may all end up being on the hook for the cost to defend such a lawsuit if de-annexers actually launch one.

Mableton, as a new city, has no money, no bank account, and no ability to buy a stamp, let alone defend a lawsuit. The next persons in line to fund such a defense if a lawsuit occurred will be you and I, all thanks to the de-annexers.

Unwilling to accept the numerous defeats they have suffered to their self-serving agenda, one which chooses to pit one part of the community against the other, the de-annexers march on like a bootleg version of the Walking Dead. They are determined to win, at all costs, even if it hurts the rest of us and them.  

De-annexers are also angry with SPOTLIGHT and have sent their agents after us after we called out the actions of their leader, Christie Lynn, who is allegedly leading the efforts relative to the lawsuit. Her team is demanding meetings and demanding an explanation on what SPOTLIGHT has written from tips we have received. Like the schoolyard bullies that they are, I have elected to ignore them and reject their demands. Meanwhile, tips coming in to us say Lynn is seeking a Black person to place their name on the lawsuit as the plaintiff. Since the lawsuit has not been filed yet, we assume that she has not found a Black person gullible enough to place themselves out front. They must know in advance about the crap show that they will be subjected to from angry citizens if they do.

When I discussed this potential de-annexation lawsuit with other citizens in Mableton, they questioned why Christie Lynn is not putting her own name on the lawsuit as the plaintiff or why she has not convinced one of her foot soldiers to place their name on the dotted line as the plaintiff. Their take on Christie is that she may be angry and she may have taken this too far, but she is no fool to sign the lawsuit and become the pariah of the community. Lynn knows what will come next if she does sign up as the plaintiff and SPOTLIGHT will be there to continue bringing you updated news on the de-annexers, as information becomes available.

In the meantime, almost 60 people were negatively impacted by an apartment fire and lost all that they had a few days ago. As de-annexers continue to raise funds to sue Mableton, these same people donating to this losing effort have not raised a single penny for people who lost everything. Where is the humanity of the de-annexers when it comes to the plight of their fellow man?

If de-annexers want to impress the rest of us, here is a novel idea. Instead of raising and using thousands of dollars for a lawyer to sue Mableton, why not take the money that you have raised and donate it to these families in need.

Sorry, for a minute I forgot who I was talking to. Some we spoke with say de-annexers only care about their half million dollar plus homes, their luxury cars, their private schools, their proximity to Smyrna, and their ongoing fight every step of the way not to be associated with Mableton, humanity be damned.

We are ok with de-annexers being angry about what is written about them in SPOTLIGHT. What we are not ok with is citizens being in the dark or being negatively impacted by adults who have elected to act like ‘spoiled children’ because they cannot get their way.

In the words of the singer Demi Lavoto…Sorry Not Sorry. We will continue to keep the community informed on your actions.


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