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Daniele Johnson makes her case for why voters should select her for Cobb Superior Court


Daniele Johnson is running to serve as our next Cobb County Superior Court Judge. A vacant seat was created by the retirement of Judge Flournoy at the end of his term. 

We asked Daniele why voters should give her the nod for the position and she made us aware of the duties of a Superior Court Judge saying, “Up to 80% of the court’s time is actually devoted to family law matters, such as divorce, child custody, child support, legitimation, and domestic violence. After that, the bulk of the court’s time is spent presiding over the prosecution of felony crimes. The Superior Court also presides over other civil matters, such as small business and property disputes.”  

Many of the duties of this position are experiences she possesses. Daniele pointed to her family law practice in Cobb County for the last 23 years. Prior to this, she was a lead prosecutor for misdemeanor crimes and assigned to the Special Victims Unit, a team dedicated to the prosecution of felony crimes committed against children. 

During her third year of law school, Daniele was court-certified to represent victims of domestic violence and in 2006, she became trained and certified to serve as guardian ad litem, meaning, she is considered an expert in determining the best for children who are at the center of custody disputes.  

Daniele also referenced her business experience as the owner of The Law Offices of Daniele Johnson, LLC., operating in Cobb County since 2005.

When we asked “Why Daniele Johnson versus other candidates in the race”, she responded that she has the most applicable consecutive years of experience which makes her extremely qualified to perform all of the duties required of this very important position. She referenced having dedicated her entire career to the protection of families, children, and the community and is ready to continue her service as our next Cobb County Superior Court Judge. 

Daniele concluded that her experience, expertise, and service to the Cobb community are the reasons voters should select her as the next Cobb County Superior Court Judge on Tuesday, May 24. 

She has SPOTLIGHT’s endorsement.


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