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Cupid still pushing 2024 transit referendum


Despite being told several weeks ago by Mayors of five of the six cities in Cobb that they prefer a smaller five-year sales tax of up to 1% for road improvements, trails, and the like, Cobb Chairwoman Lisa Cupid has announced that she will ask the Board of Commission to sign off on directing county staff to begin preparations for a transit sales tax referendum in 2024. 

Cupid’s item specifically would direct staff to pursue the other more ambitious referendum option on the table — a 30-year sales tax of up to 1% to fund mass transit expansion. 

Amid a lack of consensus from fellow commissioners and the county’s mayors, Cupid was forced to scrap her earlier plans to hold the vote this year. After struggling last year to put together a project list and get buy-in from across Cobb, the agenda item suggests the county is looking to get far out ahead of a 2024 vote.

In her opposition to the Mayor’s, Cupid said putting the five-year option to the voters first would kill the chances of the 30-year ever succeeding, but the Mayors of the cities of Cobb, who collectively represent almost 200,000 citizens in these communities, strongly disagree.

Community watchers ask why Cupid is desperately pushing this agenda item. We will continue to watch and keep you informed. 

The Cobb Board of Commissioners will vote on Cupid’s proposal at 9 a.m. on Tuesday at 100 Cherokee Street in Marietta.


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