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Contest Every Race sets focus on Georgia


Every year, hundreds of thousands of public offices go uncontested nationwide. A national organization is doing something to address this. Contest Every Race is recruiting regular people with good values to run for office in red and purple states. As they seek to build a Democratic bench, their mission is to ensure that they have competition in every election, regardless of the political landscape, while simultaneously bolstering the Democratic talent pool and actively contributing to voter engagement efforts.

Contest Every Race, has targeted six Georgia counties as part of its larger effort to find Democratic candidates for rural elections. In a broader initiative leading up to the 2024 election, Contest Every Race has committed $10 million to recruit Democratic candidates in over 300 rural counties across the United States.

Their goal is to strengthen Democratic representation in traditionally red or purple areas and increase voter engagement. This initiative reflects a broader strategy to compete in a wider range of regions while building a Democratic bench in preparation for the upcoming elections.

In Georgia, their primary focus will be on Baldwin, Bartow, Greene, Newton, Washington, and Wilkinson counties, with the aim of identifying potential candidates for various positions, ranging from school boards and county commissions to the General Assembly.

During the 2022 election cycle, Contest Every Race took active steps to engage with 4,020 individuals in various counties across Georgia. Their primary objective was to encourage these individuals to consider running for office.

As a result of their efforts, a total of 390 individuals made the decision to run for various political positions. Out of these candidates, 79 were successful in winning their respective races. This success highlights the impact and effectiveness of Contest Every Race’s strategy in identifying and supporting Democratic candidates in Georgia during the 2022 elections.


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