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“Community TEA” for March 21, 2021


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President Joe Biden continues to enjoy high ratings on his handling of COVD-19 and , the relief package. As he turns his attention to the country’s crumbling infrastructure, Biden’s ratings are taking a hit with the handling of the crisis at the border.

A record number of COVID-19 vaccinations have been administered  with 3 million occurring each day per the CDC.

Air travel has hit a record high since last year with TSA officers screening 1,357,111 people at airports on Friday, marking the highest number of passengers on a single day since March 15, 2020.

The Center for Disease Control continues to discourage unnecessary travel, but if you have to travel, continue to practice safety guidelines.

Health experts say the Country could see a 4th wave of COVID-19 because of new variants and people letting their guards down.

Georgia is the third state in the nation for the highest number of variants detected, behind Florida and Michigan.

Cobb County is seeing an uptick in Covid-19 cases testing positive for three variants.

Marietta High School is allowing eligible students and their parents to register for their April 16th vaccination drive. Registration closes 3p.m. April 13 or once they reach maximum capacity.

The loss of MLB All-Star Game could result in an economic blow of $100 million per Cobb Tourism.

As Delta and Coke announced their opposition to the new voting law and calls it unacceptable, many Georgia companies are still on the sidelines instead of on the court on this issue. Home Depot, UPS, AFLAC and Ga Power are silent as they try to stay put of the debate. Voting rights groups and community organizations are watching as they plan to criticize those who are standing on the sideline regarding the new republican lead voting law.

Georgia’s new voting laws were on the mind of the television show “Saturday Night Live”. The state was targeted with a skit that referenced being sponsored by Georgia: “Voted the best place not to vote.”

Unhappy with Coke’s stance on the new election laws, Cobb GOP Chair Jason Shepherd is planning to present a resolution at the Cobb County Convention calling for the banning of Coca Cola products at all GOP events.

Georgia’s Willie Spence has made it to the next round in American Idol. The contestant with the Luther Vandross voice has struggled with weight – he lost 200 pounds and is now at 400 pounds – is in the top 24.

April is Autism Acceptance Month.

Beloved former WSB-TV and CNN anchor Don Farmer died Tuesday in Naples, Florida from complications related to progressive supranuclear palsy, a rare neurological brain disorder.

Free APPS say free, but many are not free after all. Consumer advocate Clark Howard revealed that some free Apps are billing you for hidden subscriptions costs and suggests that you check you Apple and Google bills for hidden fees.

Happy Easter from our family to yours.


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