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Community demands gun control legislation


Demands for stricter gun laws have resurfaced after major shootings in Cherokee and Atlanta that left 8 dead and Colorado saw 10 lives lost to gun violence.

We dodged a tragedy at Atlantic Station Publix this week after a gunman entered that location with an arsenal and body armor. Rico Marley was apprehended after a witness alerted the store manager and police were called. The 22 year old was arrested and checked for mental illness before being taken to jail. Marley’s timing in walking into Publix with guns and rifles with bullets in the chambers is not lost on us after these mass murders in Boulder, Atlanta, and Cherokee County, yet the nightmare continues as several people were shot at nearby Cumberland mall and just last night, a father was shot and killed in his car in Austell with his young son in the back seat.

From the shootings that rocked our Asian communities to the persons arrested at Atlanta Station Publix to the shootings at Cumberland mall, we are weary of the business as usual attitude when it comes to gun violence and gun control. Weekly shootings at the popular upscale Lenox Mall have convinced families and shoppers to stay away with many convinced there is no safe place in our community. Even those that say “family friendly” must receive a closer examination.

Some think that violence has become more acceptable in our society, while others think the pandemic is bringing out the crazy in those choosing to engage in this type of violence and that it is everywhere. Most believe it is time for the government to step in and be accountable for the gun violence that is occurring in our community and around the country. On this issue, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “The gun violence crisis in America is a challenge to the conscience of our country — one that demands that we act.”

As Democrats continue to call for tighter restrictions, Republicans continue to rebuff the idea. In the past, Democrat-led efforts to pass tougher gun control laws have repeatedly failed since the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. House lawmakers recently passed two bills aimed at strengthening the nation’s gun laws, including a bill that would require background checks on all gun sales and transfers. With Democrats in full control of Congress, lawmakers hope that the legislation will find more support. The National Rifle Association denounced the House action and argued Congress instead should be approving gun rights measures. In the meantime, our community continues to wait for the next headline.

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