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Cobb’s version of Vanna White and Pat Sajack are at it again with the ‘Wheel of Good Fortune’


As citizens around Cobb try to understand the incomprehensible decision-making process occurring at Cobb County Government involving Dobbins, secret land deals, and secret meetings, among other things, another prize has been revealed on the ‘Cobb Wheel of Fortune’ for Attorney Garvis Sams, championed by Chair Lisa Cupid.

After 9 months of Cupid’s leadership, everything is not fine in Cobb as the County finds itself at the corner of a busy intersection with Cupid at the wheel. As she tries to convince you to look at what is occurring to the right, please look both ways and get a good view at what Cupid is subjecting the county to with her ill-fated decisions that impact everyone in Cobb. What she is doing will leave negative repercussions on our County long after she departs.

Cupid has been on Cobb TV weekly attempting to paint a rosy picture of her management of the county to the citizens, however, what is really going on behind the scenes is anything but rosy as mishaps, missteps, and alleged quid-pro-quo continues to mount against her. 

The latest is a vote she led last week for ‘her favorite lawyer’ Garvis Sams. Cupid and her voting bloc, aka the “votes in her pocket”- have approved everything with Sams’ name on it since she became chair, with few exceptions. Please recall previous stories we have written where we pointed out Cupid’s support of whatever Sams brings before the board. Her support of Sams and his clients rose to a new level, it trampled on the responsibilities of her fellow commissioners and the zoning board responsibilities and infringed on the rights of citizens of Cobb, that cannot be ignored.

Please recall how Cupid gave Sams approval to build next to Dobbins’ runway and Lockheed, placing our economic engines in jeopardy. Cupid put a new spin on his access and ability to get his projects passed this week when she voted to approve Sams’ request to build in South Cobb based on a last-minute plan that was substituted during the middle of the Commission meeting.  

This substitution had not undergone a review by some of the other Commissioners or the zoning review board. In addition, it was not presented to the citizens who live in the area for their purview or comment. Cupid violated the well-known policies of the county and zoning board to have those matters sent back down for review. She also violated the communities right to know, instead ensuring that Sams’ project got approved. Cupid’s swift and precedented approval reeked of prior coordination among some. Forget past board policies that last minute substitutions be sent back for review – Cupid was not going to follow that practice. Forget fellow Commissioners who had not seen the substitution prior to its presentation – they were simply out of luck. The concerns of others were not enough to stop Cupid from voting yes.

Cupid’s actions go along with rumors that have been circulating for months that Cupid is intentionally blocking some of her fellow commissioners and preventing them from having information that they are entitled to have as representatives of their respective communities and citizens.  

Please recall that this is the same Cupid who boldly accepted last week from the Cobb of Commerce its annual Woman of Distinction award. The presenter’s flowing words included “Cupid has been known as a strong advocate for the fair treatment of all Cobb residents and stakeholders…” So much for fair treatment. Cupid’s actions continue to conflict with the award’s purpose.

Sams’ project is clearly outside of code – zoning did not have a chance to review, approve, or reject it. It has no pedestrian sidewalks and will allow twice as many homes to be built than what the code allows. This did not matter. With a single vote, Cupid has changed the zoning in Cobb. Others will soon follow Sams’ lead in getting their projects approved that are not suitable or compatible for our neighborhoods. Citizens cannot look forward to the most incompatible usages coming to their community thanks to Cupid. How can Cobb say no to the others when she has said YES to Sams, which has opened the door and created a new precedent in Cobb zoning for them to get whatever they want approved. 

Unfortunately, the luster or purpose of the Chamber award did not deter Vanna from swiftly approving Pat Sajacks’ last-minute boondoggle or hurting our community or the people who reside here.  

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